About the production

A film that talks about life must be kept alive during its writing, its production and its editing. It must be sensitive and attentive to the unforeseen, permeable to the possibilities that nature can bring, open to the contest of animals and elements; to be alive from the moment of creation, to not be subjected to the rigors of the industry to develop a product, but to the delicate creation of a piece, perhaps imperfect, but extraordinary due to its uniqueness.

This was one of the greatest challenges for an artisan committed to a creation that seeks to capture the beauty of a moment in the daily life of those who live observing the cycles of nature. A small, young, and committed team made it possible to maintain a balance between the application of a methodology close to the contemplative documentary with the production of fiction.

It should be mentioned that the hospitality and identification with the artistic and conceptual proposal of the film, thanks to the inhabitants of the Sobrarbe region, promoted the integration of our fiction in the territory and made possible the intangibles that should appear in this type of proposal.

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